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                          Basic Requirement To Be Agent Of ATAIRAC:

                          1. Business Concept:
                            A. Can accept and have common business concept Quality create value, Honest build future.
                            B. Want Win-Win cooperation policy
                            C. Want long-term cooperation
                          2. Reputation:
                            With Good Reputation in local market.
                            Without any financial problem
                          3. Experience:
                            A. With over 5 years experience in Marketing Crusher machines.
                            B. With over 3 years experience in Maintenance Crusher Machines.
                            C. With agent experience of international brand heavy industry machines.
                          4. Team:
                            With a professional sales team with minimum 10 staffs
                            With a professional after-sale service team with minimum 20 staffs.
                            With professional mechanical and electrical engineers team.
                          5. Customer Base/ Marketing Channel:
                            Has marketing channel in heavy industry field esp. In crusher, quarry, construction and mining field.
                          6. Sales Volume:
                            For each area, the required sales volume is different.

                          What ATAIRAC can do for the agent:

                          1. ATAIRAC Can provide not only high quality crushers, but also crushing&screening solutions
                          2. ATAIRAC Can provide technical training
                          3. ATAIRAC Can provide continuously spare parts
                          4. ATAIRAC Can provide A/S parts
                          5. ATAIRAC Can provide Sample machine if necessary
                          6. ATAIRAC Can provide Brochures for advertisement